Handmade in the UK

Once a powerhouse of industry, and home to the largest sewing machine factory in the world, Glasgow is the perfect place to develop our products. With highly changeable weather conditions, it is the perfect testing ground; subjecting our bags to sun, rain, snow and hail to test their reliability and resilience.

But it’s not just a great place to develop products. We manufacture them here too. The craftsman that sews our bags made his career in sail-making. With this knowledge of pattern cutting, seam tensions, material stresses and steadfast stitches, he makes certain that each of our bags is fabricated to the highest standard, and that every detail is strong and durable so that you don’t have to worry about your world spilling onto the road. 

Moreover, our workshop is shared with the Glasgow Bike Station. We spend all of our working hours surrounded by people who love cycling; people who use and abuse our products; people who have ideas and opinions about how to make them better. These people help us to understand the needs of a cyclist - they inform our designs on a daily basis and allow us to see our bags being used day in, day out, all year, every year. We know our customer, and our customer knows us.